About Us

"Hello my name is Heidi and welcome to Heidi Patrice Jewellery that began in June 2020 during the hectic Covid 19 pandemic.  I found it a time to reflect and put into action the things I had been holding off on doing such as, my hobby of jewellery making and design I had loved doing up until my early 20's.  Well, the passion for jewellery was still there and the creative outlet ignited a fire in me to take it further and see if I could actually sell my designs.

What first started off as a small market stall has now become an online jewellery brand that is growing and changing into something I am really proud of.  When you buy 'Heidi Patrice' you become part of the HPJ Tribe.  It's the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will grow in layers and years because HPJ is here to stay and inspire feelings of love and beauty that will keep you coming back for more.  Each piece is a talisman of energy to give you whatever you need.  

Whether it was intuition that brought you here or something else, we are so much more than meets the eye.  The crystals and gemstones carry special properties that can provide inner healing and happiness and invoke a wild and spiritual nature.  My designs stem from the coastal bohemian vibe that East Coast Australia is renowned for, my own love of crystals and all things divine.  If you think of Friday night cocktails, lounging by the pool, a hot date, lunch with friends, summers at the beach, our jewellery and accessories will get you there.  Each piece is aesthetically pleasing, made to last and will have you looking and feeling great with a little added bit of magic.  Heidi Patrice Jewellery is for lovers of good vibes, talismans with meaning, the energy of minerals, uniqueness, crystals, gold, and those who want an alternative to mass produced high-end jewellery.

I just want to say to all the lovely ladies that shop from my little store I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope you follow the journey of this store as it blooms and grows and share the love.  What love we put out we get back don't we?... I am so thankful for the love and support I receive from you all".

Love Heidi x


For queries please DM on

Instagram:  heidipatricejewellery or

E-mail:  info@heidipatricejewellery.com