RAW Green Fluorite Studs | 14kt Gold
RAW Green Fluorite Studs | 14kt Gold

RAW Green Fluorite Studs | 14kt Gold

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Green Fluorite properties


Green Fluorite is a stone of growth and renewal helping us to connect with nature and align with the natural order of the universe.  It will detoxify and energize all of the chakras.  It dispels negative energy, especially from the environment, such as electromagnetic smog from computers and the like.  It then re-energizers the atmosphere.  This stone can dissolve confusion, unstable and overwhelming emotions and replace with logic reasoning aiding you to overcome your fears and stimulate decision making and learning.

These studs are in their natural raw form and each pair is unique in colour and form.  No two pairs are the same and all have been ethically sourced & carefully curated into high quality wearable jewellery.  The claws are 14kt gold plated and the raw crystals are 5-8mm in size.